Current Members

Post Doctorate Fellows

Lishen Zhang
Hometown: Yantai, China
Research Interests: Superhydrophobicity, Microfluidics, Nanoparticles

Haidy Metwally
Hometown: Cairo, Egypt
Research Interests: Mass Spectrometry, Bacterial Cultures, Open Port Interface

Graduate Students in the Oleschuk Group

Malek Hassan
PhD Student
Hometown: Aleppo, Syria
Research Interests: Mass Spectrometry, Chromatography, Microextractions

Jian Yu
PhD Student
Hometown: Nanjing, China
Research Interests: Imaging mass spectrometry, data Analysis, machine learning

Julia McPhail
MSc Student
Research Interests: Microdroplets, Mass Spectrometry

Jess Deng
MSc Student
Hometown: Vancouver, BC
Research Interests: MALDI Imaging, Natural products, machine learning, liquid microjunction surface sampling probe

Mark McKeown
MSc Student
Hometown: Toronto, Ontario
Research Interests: Open Port Interface, Imaging mass spectrometry

Dan Reddy
PhD Student
Hometown: Halifax, Virginia, USA
Research Interests: Mass spectrometry, microfluidics, dried blood spot analysis

Undergraduate Students in the Oleschuk Lab

Morgan Lackey
4th Year Chemistry Student

Amelia Schmidtt
4th Year Chemistry Student