Oleschuk Group

Meet the team!

In the Oleschuk research lab, we value are able to experience collaborative and balanced environment where science and life intertwine. Our lab offers cutting-edge projects in microfluidics and ambient ionization mass spectrometry, paired with flexible schedules, mentorship and a strong community.

Haidy Metwally

Postdoctoral Fellow

Haidy is from Cairo, Egypt and is interested in bacterial cultures, imaging mass spectrometry and the liquid microjunction surface sampling probe.

Malek Hassan

PhD Candidate

Malek is from Aleppo, Syria and is interested in mass spectrometry, chromatography and microextractions.

Jian Yu

PhD Candidate

Jian is from Nanjing, China and is interested in imaging mass spectrometry, data analysis and machine learning.

Dan Reddy

Ph.D Student

Dan is from Halifax, Virginia (Not Nova Scotia!) and is interested in mass spectrometry, microfluidics and dried blood spot analysis.

Jess Deng

PhD Candidate

Jess is from Vancouver, BC and is interested in the world of fungi natural products and the liquid microjunction surface sampling probe. When Jess is not in the lab, she can be found conquering new hiking trails!

Mark McKeown

MSc Student

Mark is from Toronto, ON and is interested in imaging mass spectrometry.

Mina Alidoust Saharkhiz Lahiji

PhD Student

Mina is from Lahijan, Iran and is interested in imaging mass spectrometry, microfluidics and the LMJSSP. When not exploring the intricacies of science, Mina can be found listening to music, taking walks and getting lost in captivating books.

Julia McPhail

MSc Student

From Niagara Falls, ON, Julia is interested in mass spectrometry instrumentation with regards to depth profiling. Outside of the lab, Julia can be found at the climbing gym or at Stooley’s on Thursdays for their wing nights.

Lainey Ennett

4th Year Student

Lainey is from Chatham-Kent, ON and is completing her Undergraduate Summer Student Research Fellowship (USSRF) with Jess! Lainey is in her fourth year of the Undergraduate Chemistry Concurrent Education program (BSc, BEd) here at Queen’s. In her free time, Lainey can be found playing the ukulele, or trying new coffee bars. 

Aviva Gerring

3rd Year Chemistry Student

Aviva is is from Ottawa, and she is doing her undergraduate summer student research fellowship (USSR) in the Oleschuk group working with Haidy and Malek. In her free time, she likes to play the guitar and walks by the pier.


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